Gama gula-dha

Dhirrabuu, gama guladha. Great, a web dictionary. Manday maal. Step one

David Nathan has been working for some time on a web dictionary. The vast majority of the work is on the ‘back end’ – setting up the database and programming that will produce the actual online dictionary.

He has now produced the first usable version. He says: ‘There’s still lots of things to be added/modified etc but hopefully this will get it off to a start and also help to elicit feedback about what people might like to see.’ This version does have sound. Dhirrabuu.

Ngamili-gu, yana-nga. To see it, go to… .

David adds: Next steps: add another option which will produce “extended” entries that have sentence examples, and notes, associated with individual glosses.
Then some kind of search.
The bits in angle brackets (<>) are content that will be parsed and turned into links as we go along. 

Feedback welcome, probably best to

In time the online dictionary will include words developed since the original dictionary was produced, such as yalduul ‘mobile (phone)’. (It does has recently developed words such as some numbers and wiyayl ‘pen’).

Continuing the process of making GY more usable for everyday communication, gama is suggested as a word for ‘dictionary’; your thoughts welcome. It comes from garay ‘word/language’ and manday ‘series of steps’. Gula-dha is ‘on the web’, which has been used for a while. Gulay is ‘net’ and ‘net bag’ and has other uses. It is one of those words that drops the y before some suffixes. John

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