Old Sources.

We are still working on this page. The link (or try this link) takes you to many of the old written sources of Gamilaraay and Yuwaalaraay, and to recent interpretations of those sources.

Katie Langloh-Parker lived at Bangate Station, on the Narran River between Lightning Ridge and Goodooga in the late 1800s and wrote a number of books about Yuwaalayaay people and their customs. You can download three of them here as pdfs: Australian Legendary Tales, More Australian Legendary Tales, Euahlayi Tribe.

Australian Legendary Tales is also available here.

An interpretation of Parker’s Yuwaalaraay Dhinawan Gumbulgaban story in the current writing system, and using our knowledge of Gamilaraay-Yuwaalaraay words and grammar, is here

Yuwaalayaay – the Language of the Narran River, Ian Sim’s material edited with John Giacon, is nguwalay/here.