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Dictionary resources.

There are links to the downloadable versions of the Dictionary and related resources in the ‘References’ tab.

Guladha/Online Dictionary/Gaman

An updated version of Gaman Guladha/Online Dictionary is now available nguwalay/here. We plan to keep improving Gaman.


There is a new (2021) GY dictionary app, Gadjigadji. An older, fairly simple app, gaaygaray, is also available in the usual places. Both have sound and are searchable.

Unfortunately, due to changes in operating systems and background programs, Gayarragi Winangali, below, cannot be updated, so it does not work on many Macintosh computers. It does still work on many Windows systems.


John Giacon and David Nathan have developed a fantastic Gamilaraay dictionary program, Gayarragi Winangali, which you can download to your Mac or PC. To download the program, click here.

As well as being a dictionary, the computer application also contains some Gamilaraay songs, stories, and games. You can also listen to some Gamilaraay stories online here.

To learn how to read and pronounce the Gamilaraay words in the dictionary, click here.



Hilary Smith has developed a number of powtoons illustrating basic conversational Gamilaraay, formatted as short, fun educational videos. To access these resources, click here.

Children’s Books

Click here to see the range of children’s books available.

Memrise and Quizlet


Bonnie McLean has developed a Memrise course to help people remember common words and phrases in Gamilaraay.

There are also a number of quizlet sets containing useful words and phrases in Gamilaraay, as well as sets designed to teach you particular areas of Gamilaraay grammar.


Both Memrise and Quizlet are available as apps from the Apple and Google play store, so you can also use these resources on your IOS and Android devices.



Click here to access a worksheet that teaches you how to play Bumala! or Snap! in Gamilaraay. All you need is this worksheet and a deck of cards to get started with this fun game right away! This game also has an accompanying quizlet set, which you can find here.

Here are some printable Gamilaraay Find-a-words.

Here are some Gamilaraay Flashcards


Gamilaraay Movie Quotes

Revisit some of your favourite movie moments, in Gamilaraay!

Are you my mother?

Bill Bigibila

Getting around in Gunnedah

Buzz and Woody

Buzz and Woody meet for the first time again – in Gamilaraay!

Buruma ngay – my dog

Note – there is one grammatical error in this video for which we apologise. At one point, the dog asks,  “What’s that in your hair,” with “your hair” translated gawugaaga nginu. However, as hair is a part of your body and therefore inalienably possessed, the correct translation should be gawugaaga nginunda. You can learn more about this grammar point in the Garay Guwaala lesson book (see the link under ‘For Teachers’ below).



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For Teachers

Gamilaraay_unit_term_1 is one term’s worth of Gamilaraay work.

These posters can be printed out and placed around your classroom.

Garay Guwaala is a Gamilaraay lesson book developed by John Giacon (

Other resources

For information about more resources, including Gaay Garay Dhadhin, the Gamilaraay & Yuwaalaraay picture dictionary, and the Yugal: Gamilaraay & Yuwaalaraay Songs CD, click here.

A list of resources is downloadable as a word document here.