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There are many resources for learning Gamilaraay and Yuwaalaraay, many of them available from this web site.

The Early Learners page of this site has many introductory materials: short videos, songs, and more. These are great for learning a few words that you can use frequently, and for getting used to the sounds of the languages.

The Advanced Learners page has information about courses, including this page, with links to a number of more advanced resources, including the Gamilaraay 1 University course materials.

The References page has links to other materials such as dictionaries and advanced grammars.

You will need to explore the various links to get a good picture of what is available.

Gamilaraay 1 courses and materials

The Gamilaraay 1 [GR1] university course is currently taught at the Australian National University [INDG2003/AUST1001] and the University of Sydney [INDG2005]. The courses are in semester one. The ANU course is also available through Open Universities Australia, and available as an online course.

Face to face learning is important, particularly for getting the pronunciation and for practice in using the language conversationally.


Most materials for Gamilaraay 1 [GR1] are available at tinyurl.com/gyresources > GamilaraayMaal/1

The GR1 text is Wiidhaa, available as a free download at https://press.anu.edu.au/publications/textbooks/wiidhaa. The site also has separate chapters, and the sound files – great for listening to often to get used to the language. The Wiidhaa pdf and ebook have sound, so are quite large files. A Word version, without sound, is available at tinyurl.com/gyresources > GamilaraayMaal/1.

In GamilaraayMaal/1 is the folder Ngaragay/Other. It has summary sheets that are useful when you understand most of the material. Similar material is found at the end of Wiidhaa.

There is an online dictionary which covers some of its functions at dnathan.com/gaman/. [A very useful resource is Gayarragi Winangali – available on the Online resources page. It has all the words in the dictionary pronounced, around 900 sentences by Arthur Dodd and Fred Reece, the most important traditional sources, songs and much more. – 2021 comment: Unfortunately GW no longer works on many computers.]

You can check your progress in Garay Guwaala 1 by using quizzes such as those in the ‘online resources’ page (Memrise, Quizlet). There were also quizzes based on individual Garay Guwaala 1 lessons at gamilaraay.moodlecloud.com. These are currently being transferred to another site.

Resources from previous Gamilaraay 1 and 2 courses are available at tinyurl.com/gymoodle [log in as guest]. These may not have been recently updated.


This section has not been recently reviewed, so links and/or materials may be out of date. 2019-07

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