Steve Morelli, Priscilla Strasek, Tanya McEwen, Tracey Cameron, John Giacon at LCNAU in Perth, November 2019

The Language and Culture Network of Australian Universities is an association of university language teachers. Tracey Cameron, Priscilla Strasek and Tanya McEwen were there since they have been involved in the summer ANU Gamilaraay course and the winter Macquarie University Ancient Languages School Gamilaraay course.

Tracey will teach Gamilaraay at the University of Sydney next year, Priscilla coordinates the Gamilaraay Yuwaalaraay Yuwaalayaay Language Nest at Lightning Ridge and Tanya is currently teaching in Walgett.

Tracey and Priscilla give a talk at LCNAU: Guwaalaylanha (Talking to each other) about Revitalising Indigenous Languages. Steve was at LCNAU in recognition of his receiving the Patji Dawes award for outstanding language teaching. Sophie Mung, a Gija woman and teacher, was the co-recipient. John, Cathy Bow (and Greg Williams) also gave a talk: The Australian Indigenous Languages Institute: supporting and promoting Indigenous language work in Australian universities (

Other news: The ANU Gamilaraay 1 course will be available through Open Universities Australia (link) in 2020.

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