Mitch, -Baraay

Mitch Tambo

Dhirrabuu Mitch Tambo.

Winangay nginda AGTga? Did you hear him on AGT? nhalay/here. Ngamiy, winangay nginda Facebookga? Did you see and hear him on Facebook? Nhalay.


Attached is a draft document about placenames which may be Gamilaraay and include the suffix -Baraay. The suffix is -baraay except after words ending in rr and l, when it is -araay. The suffixes been written in English in many different ways, including -bri, aroi and more. Collarenebri, for instance, comes from galuriin-baraay; gum.blossoms-with.

If you know other placenames in Gamilaraay country which may include the suffix I would really appreciate it if you let me know. It would be really helpful if you can send the latitude and longitude, which you can find from Google maps, and sometimes from a photo, if it has location information. John;

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