Dhirraygu/To Learn

Dhunhi Lyle-u/Lyle wrote, Facebookga

Yaama, Just starting out learning Gamilaraay. Im trying to find good reference material online to study. Especially around the use of how the suffix system works in Gamilaraay. Anywhere you can point me to online that will help my understanding. I would love to do the university course but it would be very hard as I live in Toowoomba QLD. Thanks for anything you can provide! Baayaandhu.

Lyle, Dhirrabuu/fantastic.

I’ve just updated the Teaching and Learning page [on this site, or yuwaalaraay.com > Advanced Learners > Teaching and Learning.] There are many links there which will take you to a few years’ learning. But hopefully material that lets you move along a step at a time. And lots of sound that you can listen to and absorb. If you can get to do a face-to-face or online course it will help a lot. Let me know if you have other questions.

If you are doing uni you will most likely be able to do the course next year through Open Universities Australia, or via video and cross-institutional enrolment at ANU.

Garay bamba guwaaldaya. Really talk the language.



    1. Yaama Lyle, the plan, not 100% certain but near, is to have an online course at ANU semester 1 2020, also available through Open Universities Australia. This will be a university course. If you have more questions can you email me: jgiacon@ozemail.com.au. Guwaalay – we’ll talk. John


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