The languages of the ancestors.

Macquarie Ancient Languages School, dhandarraa/winter 2019

Yaadha 4/day 4 of the Gamilaraay class at There are at least six Gamilaraay/Yuwaalaraay people and one Muruwari. Waradhi/from the left: Priscilla Strasek (teacher), Phil Duncan (Macquarie University, liaison for the course) Tracey Cameron (teacher) Rachael Knight, Nicola Hirschhorn; Stephen Burford, Sasha Veber, Lauren Davies (banidha/in front), Emily Heath, George Lindsay, Izabel Smythe, Rosemary Dunn, Emma Marshall, Brendan Welsh (teacher). Ngaraga/behind cameraga: John Giacon (teacher). Amy Thunig (absent}

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