Maaru yananga, Karen. Go well, Karen.


Today we farewelled Karen Flick. The love for and respect of Karen was obvious in so many ways. Speakers pointed out Karen’s many qualities: a loving and fun sister, a wonderful mother and daughter, loved, caring and effective teacher, fierce proponent of Gamilaraay language and culture. The list goes on.

The ceremony was in a carefully and lovingly prepared area at Collarenebri Central School, where Karen had taught for the last eight years. (Collarenebri from gulariin-baraay  gum.blossoms-having) It was led by Rev George Ferguson, the Anglican minister in Collarenebri.

She was one of six girls, so her sisters, and others, wore Baawaagal yuli [sisters six] shirts; here seen on Karen’s daughter Zia.

Teachers and other staff also had special shirts.

Karen was buried in the Aboriginal cemetery, near another Gamilaraay legend, Aunty Rose Fernando.

Maaru yananga Karen. Maarubaa nginda. Walindjaaliylay ngiyani nginunha.

Go well Karen. Thank you. We will miss you.

John Giacon

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