Yugal Greenwaygu

Greenway’s Gamilaraay songs.

There was a request for information about these songs. This document has the songs, and the sometimes slightly different versions found in Ridley. Some of the original material can be interpreted, much is unclear. Both Ridley and Greenway have translations of the songs.

Charles Greenway (1818–1905) lived in the Gamilaraay area, later in life becoming a clergyman.
(Greenway, 1878) has 12 pages of wordlists, placenames, suffixes, phrases and sentences,
ethnographic material and songs.

William Ridley (1819–1878) was a Presbyterian missionary who went to the Gamilaraay area in 1852. He wrote the first recorded grammar of Gamilaraay. There are a number of versions of this grammar. The most complete is Ridley (1875).


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