Yaama Maliyaa,

Gadjigadji dhurray/has arrived.

Gadjigadji is the new Gamilaraay Yuwaalaraay dictionary app, now available for Android and Apple.

It took a while to get a replacement for Ma! Gamilaraay – it stopped working with changes in operating systems, so great that these apps are now available.

The same information is also available in the online Gamilaraay Yuwaalaraay dictionary, Gaman, at

The computing behind Gaman and Gadjigadji was done by David Nathan and Siva Kalyan. They both have great skills David has made so many wonderful GY resources over many years. Lucy Simpson did the great artwork.

There is ongoing work on Gaman, and Gadjigadji will undoubtedly need updating, like all Apps. Both these resources are based on the information in the 2003 dictionary, with some minor changes and corrections. A further project is update the database behind them, so that the resources include recently developed words. Both resources have a link where you can help fund this ongoing improvement.

We trust that Gaman and Gadjigadji will be a help in the great recent growth in Gamilaraay Yuwaalaraay.

John Giacon


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