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Yaama maliyaa,
hello friends Here is the next body part – we are working through words from ‘Bina mil’ action song, which you can see/download here (backing track and videos in Gamilaraay and Yuwaalaraay):
The words for ‘chest’ are slightly different in Yuwaalaraay and Gamilaraay, so:
We have Yas from Lightning Ridge with bii in Yuwaalaraay –
Sadie and Cailin from Gunnedah with biri in Gamilaraay –
As always, you are welcome to post and share these links or resources. If anyone else would like their staff or children to be in any of our videos, please let me know.


Some words that include
bii/biribiiwan orphan YY
puff out chest (verb-transitive) biiwanma-li YY
biiwanbiiwan; black-faced woodswallow (noun) and boastful, bragging, puffed out;

cormorant (little pied) (noun), birribangga YR, YY, GR, is related – somewhere along the line the ‘r’ sound changed.

‘Chest’ in Wangaaybuwan is birri, so perhaps the word birribangga [chest-white] came from Wangaaybuwan, or a time when the GR word was birri, not biri. Or maybe our analysis of GR needs to be reviewed.
Most of the GR information is written, and does not distinguish r and rr, so we don’t know what the actual traditional sound was. We have assumed that it was r in many cases, perhaps when the word in YR has nothing or y;
mara/maa hand;
muru/muyu ‘nose’
Maayu yanaaya YR maaru yananga GR ‘go well’ or maybe someone one day will work out that the traditional GR was maarru yananga. And birri. And probably we will never know.

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