Gabidi banay mirraal; CDC

Gabidi banay mirraal banagaylandaay. When Covid 19 is rampant.


You might be looking for minyagaa/something to do Gabidi banay mirraal banagaylandaay[When Covid 19 is rampant].

I will put some Gamilaraay options nguwalay/here, and update the page as more suggestions come in.

There are a lot of videos on Youtube: gayarranga/look for ‘Speak Gamilaraay’;

There is material burrulaa/lots on ‘Early learners’ is gaba. Yugal has many songs, mostly Yuwaalaraay, burrulaa Kelseydhu bawildanha/is singing. Yugal2 has Gamilaraay songs and text, Lorendu bawildanha.

‘Early learners’ also has a link to Suellyn Tighe’s books, pdfs, which include sound.

For something more challenging, the University text, Wiidhaa, is a free download at There is a pdf and ePub, both with sound, and the ‘Additional Resources’ tab has all the sound, to download and play. Great way Gamilaraay dhiirraygu/to learn.

To check your Gamilaraay, for each lesson in Wiidhaa there are online quizzes at

Log in as grstudentX [X = 2 or 3, 4, 5], password GamilWaal2@. You can check your answer after each question.

Gabirr/gabidi. How to say Covid in Gamilaraay?

The ‘c’ sound: in GY, and in most Aboriginal languages, g or k make no difference to meaning, e.g. in Gamilaraay/Kamilaroi

o > a; GY needs only 3 short vowels. o as in cot becomes a, as seen in the word ‘Gamilaraay’, which can be said with a go [as in got, not go] sound; or ko [as in cot].

so far we have ga

v; GY does not have a v sound [in fact it, like most Aboriginal languages, it is fricative free; a fricative is a sound made by forcing air through a small opening; s, sh, v, f]. The closest GY sound is b; Gabaa ‘white person’ is likely from government, and shows the v to b change.

i is easy; i;

d; no GY words end in d. ‘t’ is close to d, and it can correspond to rr [Walgett from walgiirr]. GY dhuwadi is from English ‘shirt’, so there the t has gone to di; GY words can end with ‘i’. Similarly coat > guudii.

Gabirr is already the word for ‘cabbage’. It could also be ‘covid’. The other option is gabidi [or even gabidii]. I have used gabidi in the heading.

Down the track we can find what people are using and add it to the dictionary supplement.

Banay mirraal; ten nine = nineteen.


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