Yuuruu ‘rain’ [link takes you to the video]

Garay ngaragay Winangalidhi, Hilarydhi.

Another word from Winanga-Li and Hilary.

I wanted to do more on this, since, although we have a word for rain: yuuruu (a noun), there is uncertainty about how to say ‘It is raining’. The dictionary has:

dhama-y (YR, YY) verb-transitive

rain. •Giirruu dhama-waa-nha yalagiyu. (YR) It’s raining right now.
The verb ‘rain’ in Wangaaybuwan is transitive. In the absence of information for YR and YY, dhama-y is listed as transitive. See also: yuuyuu bundaa-gi

In Wangaaybuwan ‘rain (noun)’ is yurru and ‘rain (verb)’ is ngitja-li (transitive).

WN ‘It is raining’ is Yurru-ngku ngitja-ra. GY and Wangaaybuwan [WN] are very similar, but knowledge of Wangaaybuwan lasted a lot longer, so when we don’t know what happened in GY, or when it may be possible that the informant had adopted English patterns, we might get closer to the traditional language by following the WN pattern. The GR corresponding to the WN above is:

Yuuruu-gu dhama-y.la-nha. It is raining. Or Dhamaylanha yuuruugu.

ps: The word is from Ella Ross at Kogil St in Narrabri.

Kogil 99% certainly is gagil.

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