Nguu Gamilaraay dhanggal-ma-ldaay

Gamilaraay book launch

Yarraa-dha/On Yarraay/Thursday, Winanga-Li-dhu nguu Gamilaraay maa dhanggalma-y/Winanga-Li launched five Gamilaraay books, malawil-araay birralii-gal-gu Gunnedah-dhi/with photos of Gunnedah children, garay-baraay Gamilaraay-baraay/and with Gamilaraay text.

Nguu gaarala/buy the books, ngamilayaa appgu/or see them on the app.

Dhirrabuu Wayne Griffiths, ganunga Winaga-Lidha, bamba garay Gamilaraay warray-ma-lda-ndaay. Wayne and all at Winanga-Li are deadly in their support for Gamilaraay language.

Kason Pryor & Diana Richards. Kason Yulugilanha Ngaya-ga/is in I am playing.
Mahalia Oui & Leanne Pryor (Nan). Mahalia Gundhigu Badhiigu-ga.
Loren Ryan, with Hilary Smith, who wrote and coordinated the nguu/books.
James (Gindjurra/frog) Hogbin-du, nguu yawa-lda-ndaay/reading a book.

Book launch. There is no Gamilaraay recorded for this, but a few times there is a word for ‘float’. Intransitive ‘float’ is banggadha-y and dhangga-y [the stick floated] and the transitive verb is dhanggalma-li [I will float the stick], and that is also used for ‘launching a canoe’, so has been used here.

The usual transitive verb formed from dhangga-y would be dhanggay-ma-li. It is quite possible that, since this was not a common verb, the records may not have the traditional version.

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