Warraya Dhiiyaanda

Winangala/listen to, ngamila/look at a new, Gamilaraay, version of Warraya Dhiiyaanda/Stand by your family, by Gamilaraay woman Loren Ryan, nguwalay/here.

The video was created by Hilary Smith, working with people at Winanga-Li Aboriginal Child and Family Centre, Gunnedah. Dhirrabuu/great.

Chris Hunt, in Walgett, wrote this many years ago, maybe 1999, with help from the TAFE Yuwaalaraay class he was part of. You can hear him sing it on Yugal, a CD of Yuwaalaraay and Gamilaraay songs recorded in 2002. The recording, production and accompaniment is by Wayilwan man, Ross McGregor. Ross also did the recording for Loren’s Gamilaraay version of the song.

You can download Yugal songs and songbook at http://tinyurl.com/gyresources > Yugal or go directly nguwalay/here. The mp3s of Warraya Dhiiyaanda other Gamilaraay songs by Loren are in the Yugal2 folder at tinyurl.com/gyresources. You can also download the words of the songs in a document there.

John Giacon

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