Ngamila, winangala.

Look and listen.

Peter Swanton and Hannah Golan Burnett did Gamilaraay 2 as a winter course at ANU. Part of the course was to prepare a resource. Peter, a Gamilaraay man and astrophysics student, now completing his degree, did the Gunagala(sky) poster. Hannah, a third year music student, wrote and and performed Yalaguwaay(like). Both dhirrabuu/deadly resources. You can download them by right-clicking on them.

Maarubaa-ban.gaan. Thanks a lot. John

Yalaguwaay (Like). Hannah Golan Burnett.

Coincidentally Hannah sings about Dharri, the bearded dragon, and Peter’s poster has Dharringarra (thunder cloud). The words might just be linked, since a number of sky features have names related to objects on the ground. The Southern Cross is Yarraan, also the name of River Red Gum, and the Milky Way is Warrambul, also the name of drainage channels, written Warrambool in English.

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