Gamilaraay guwaalaylandaay

Speaking Gamilaraay.

Bawaga, waradhi: Keri James, Hannah Golan Burnett, Priscilla Strasek, Tracey Cameron. Banidha: Sarah Loynes, Peter Swanton

These people met at ANU last weekend (June 15, 16) Gamilaraay guwaaligu – to speak Gamilaraay. For Keri, Priscilla and Sarah the miyaa/weekend included part of their evaluation for the Gamilaraay 3 course they are doing. Tracey is auditing that course. Peter and Hannah have just completed Gamilaraay 1 and are doing Gamilaraay 2.

We all found moving onto new topics and using more complex language challenging. Priscilla had a headache by the end of Sunday and was hearing Gamilaraay in her dreams that night.

The passion for language was evident on the weekend. Priscilla came all the way from Lightning Ridge to Canberra , and Tracey from Sydney. And dhirrabuu that buligaa/4 GY people are learning more and more complex language.

The laundry basket had clothing in it, to practice speaking about ‘putting on’, ‘wearing’ and ‘taking off’ – a really challenging topic with complex grammar.

Tracey will be teaching Gamilaraay 1 at the University of Sydney in 2020, and Gamilaraay 1 will be offered online at ANU, and almost certainly through Open University, making it a lot easier for students from other universities to enroll. If there is sufficient interest there will be a Gamilaraay 1 summer school, both for university credit or to audit. Would be dhirrabuu if there was interest on country for that.

Meanwhile Gamilaraay will be taught at the Macquarie Ancient Languages School, John

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