Dhaalan; Birthday

Maarubaa/thanks Winanga-li (Gunnedah), Hilary Smith and Tarryn Noble, who have produced two new resources.

There is a dhirrabuu/beautiful introductory pronunciation guide (downloadable pdf) at http://winanga-li.org.au/index.php/yaama-gamilaraay/project-resources/pronunciation/. Dhaalan is the only word we have for ‘pronunciation[.

And at  http://winanga-li.org.au/index.php/yaama-gamilaraay/project-resources/yaadha-nginu-your-birthday/ you can get a poster and sound file for an adaptation of a previous Yaadha nginu gayaa ‘Happy Birthday’. This version was developed after earlier Facebook discussion.

Maarubaaban.gaan ganunga. Thanks a lot all.

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