Yaaybaa/summer [school]. Another dhirrabuu Gamilaraay summer school. It was covered on the ABC online and on the news [Jan 27] by Gamilaraay man, Cameron Gooley.

The news video is attached, since the item only stays briefly on iview. Cameron interviews Billy Williams and Tanya McEwen.

Cameron finishes with: Garay warranggal burranbaldanha. [English at the end of the clip].

The class was part of AILI [The Australian Indigenous Languages Institute], which provides access to advanced language and linguistics study for Indigenous people. Apart from Billy Williams, a Gamilaraay man, from Brisbane [and Collarenebri], learners were doing Gamilaraay as an ANU university subject – including two Monash University students.

Gamilaraay will be taught at ANU and Sydney University in semester one. There are often Gamilaraay people who sit in on the course.

The other AILI course, Linguistics for Indigenous Languages, had students from around the country.

The Gamilaraay class, minus Tanya, and with a Bandjalang watching on.

The Gamilaraay class, with Isabel O’Keefe. Among other things she works on Wayilwan.

Dhayn/people from the bulaarr/two courses.

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