Question ngaragay. Another question, FBga, Pennydhi.

Pennydhu dhunhi/Penny wrote:

Yaama wondering if you have any ideas about the word Bengerang? Spelt Bingerang in the 19th century. It’s the name of the station a lot of my pops family grew up on between Garah and Mungindi? Thank…

It is not a Gamilaraay-Yuwaalaraay word, since GY words don’t end in ng; looks very much like an Aboriginal word; Bi is more likely than Be, and the ‘ge’ is quite likely either gi or giya [iya is often pronounced ‘e’ [as is ‘bet’] in casual speech. The pronunciation of ‘ng’ is uncertain; it is likely to be one of 3 sounds, written in current GY as ng, ngg and n.g; ng as in ‘sing’, and ‘singer’, ngg as in ‘ginger’ and n.g as in ‘sun-glasses’. ‘r’ could be as in English or rolled/trilled as in Scottish or Italian. ‘rang’ was probably said like ‘rung’. The ‘a’ sound in ‘bat’ is not commonly used in Aboriginal languages.

And I have no idea about the meaning.

Madja I can’t help more.  Maaru yananga – go well. John.


  1. In Wiradjuri we have ‘ng’ endings, if the word was borrowed from further south it could be ‘bangarrung’, meaning firesticks.


    1. Interesting. Thanks Aaron. I’ve also been wondering about the word Bangarang which relates to Yorta Yorta mob. Complex history there I don’t understand but the word is almost identical to Bingerang


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