Drawings birralii-gal-i

[[Drawings from children]]

From Hilary:

Calling Gamilaraay and Yuwaalaraay children who like drawing
Are there any Gamilaraay or Yuwaalaraay children who would like to draw a picture for a PowToon video I’m making to go with recordings we have of “Silent Night”? (These can actually be downloaded from  Yugal 12 and Yugal 31 here)

Any style of drawing is fine, and I will try to use any/all I receive. They just have to be drawings about the Christmas story. Please send as high quality as possible scan or photo to me with their names at hilary_smith@xtra.co.nz, specifying Gamilaraay or Yuwaalaraay or either. By Monday 10 December please.

Here are the words (and translations):

[[John: these were written in 2001. We know now more about the languages and so a translation done now would be a bit different, for instance having adjectives mainly after nouns and using continuous verb forms. If you see any spelling errors please let me know.]]


Dhabiyaan ngurru, giirr gaba ngurru

(Quiet night, very good night)

Ganu dhabiyaan, giirr dhuuraay

(All quiet, very light)

Milanda miyaydha, ngambaa, gaayndjuul

(Round that one girl, mother, child)

Gadhabal gaayndjuul, giirr banal

(Wonderful child, very well behaved)

Baabila, baabila gaayndjuul, baabila, baabila

(Sleep, sleep child, sleep, sleep)


Dhabiyaan buluuy, gabadhaa buluuy

(Quiet night, very good night)

Minyaminyagaa, giirr dhuuyaay

(All is peaceful,  very light)

Nhama miyaya, gunii, birralii

Round that girl, mother, child

Gabadhaa, birraliidjuul binaal

(Very good, well-behaved child)

Maayu dhanduwiya, maayu dhanduwiya

(Sleep well, sleep well)



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