Do you want to do a university level Gamilaraay course?

For a number of years ANU has been running Gamilaraay 1 courses in January. These can be taken for university credit or not. This is a university course and is covered in a relatively short time, two weeks, so fairly intensive. A number of Gamilaraay people have enrolled. Many university students will be able to enroll cross-institutionally.

The January course is run as part of AILI, a cooperative program between ANU and CDU. The other courses offered are Introduction to Yolngu language and Linguistics for Indigenous Languages.

ANU Gamilaraay in semester 1, 2019 will also be offered online, so available to students at other universities.


  1. I am interested in doing the language course but would not be able to travel. Is there possibility to have the language course on Gomeroi country? or distance ed?


    1. Yaama Kaliela, It would be dhirrabuu to have the course on country. It needs someone to do some organising. I have spoken to people in Education – I believe there would be GR teachers who would want to do the course, but no-one has taken on the role of finding out if that is the case, and then organising relief time, finances and so on. We will be trialing an online course at ANU next year, but that will be limited to university students, especially since it is the first time we have run it. You can download the course materials at We may also develop other online resources in future. In the past some people who have not done uni study have struggled with the level of work needed, others have done well. It is important to let people know the nature of the course. Madja we can’t do more for you now. Maaru yananga – go well. John


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